Types of International Law

International Law is a broad and diverse area of practice for lawyers. Lawyers who practice international law may practice either in the public sector or the private sector depending on their area of expertise. Some international law firms may be full service operations, or they may be specialty organizations that focus on finance or on human rights. Public areas that are often handled by international law firms include:

International Human Rights Law

International human rights law is a bode of international laws and regulations that aims to both promote human rights across the world and protect existing human rights. Lawyers in this area may work with world governments or even the United Nations.

International Trade Law

International trade law is a set of rules that helps to establish and maintain trade between countries. Lawyers who practice in international trade law may work between multiple international governments.

International Criminal Law

International criminal law is a set of international laws that often works to prevent and prosecute crimes against humanity including genocide and war crimes. These crimes are often prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, which was formed in 2002 as a tribunal to prosecute crimes against humanity.

International law firms may also practice within the private sector in international law.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Intellectual property and competition law is a type of business law. These types of cases often occur between individuals or organizations that travel across international borders. There are several areas of private international law and they include:

Banking Law

Banking law is another broad section within private law that can focus on corporate finance as well as the international regulation of banks that trade across international borders. Law firms like Shirkhani and Alavi, established by Founding Partner Shahram Shirkhani, work to help companies understand the financial law of any international countries they wish to operate in.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Intellectual property and competition law works within the laws that protect copyright and patents. This area of law may move into other areas of law like trade and human rights and is a diverse area of public law.

International Arbitration

International arbitration is the method used by organizations and governments to resolve the conflicts and disputes that come from trade or commercial agreements and other types of international relationships.

This is just a brief overview of the types of international legal practice opportunities that are available. A lawyer may use their experience in the public sector to aid their work in the private sector and vice versa because the skills required in international law are broad and are transferable between different areas of law. International law is very broad and it requires law firms to be equally as broad in their methods and skills.