How to Handle Problems with Your Mortgage Provider

Real estate agents are meant to provide support and insight into the legal language used in securing a property, providing exact details about what you can expect during the process. But there are times when the loan provider reneges on the original agreement, thus causing confusion. Often, buyers feel helpless in dealing with mortgage providers and problems and allow the issue to fall to the wayside. However, there are better ways to handle these issues.

File a Complaint

The State Banking Authority (SBA) is designed to regulate and supervise all bank branches and many mortgage lenders. If you’re having a problem with your lender, send them a written complaint. If they refuse to respond, send a similar notice to the SBA to allow them to handle the issue. These organizations don’t act as a legal court, but suggest a lawyer help you through the process for the best possible result.


Your borrower is required to respond to your written complaint within 30 days. There may not be a resolve, but there should at least be a response. Talk with a lawyer to determine what further action can be taken in this regard to resolve your pressing issue.