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Tough Questions About Child Custody

Family lawyers cover the entire spectrum of legal issues within the family. They handle everything from estate planning and wills to divorce matters. Among the most important of all their work is what they do in the realm of child custody battles. Child custody lawyers in Lake Bluff take on tough cases that sometimes have very complex emotions at play. When it comes to their children, both spouses tend to be very protective and have a lot to say in the well-being of their children.

Child custody law is always about what is in the best interests of the child, not the parents. When a marriage is dissolved, both parents still have legal rights to the children they’ve created in the confines of that marriage. While the spousal relationship will end, the fact that both parties are still parents makes it an ongoing legal issue.

Primary custody of a child and joint custody differ. With primary custody, one parent will have primary custody of the child most of the week and the other will get visitation on weekends or holidays. With joint custody, both parents share the child in equal amounts of time throughout the month and co-parent together frequently, even if there is no personal relationship between them anymore. Deciding which arrangement works best will always be an issue of, “What is best for the child?”

Even if you have joint custody arrangements, the parent who makes more money will typically still pay child support toward that child. This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but it’s a frequent arrangement. The other parent with fewer financial resources will need the additional financial help. Child support is an important part of any custody arrangement and will often be the first thing the courts look at when they determine custody.

Family lawyers are the one beacon of hope in all of the confusion that comes along with divorce law. Child custody issues are some of the most heartrending of all issues that crop up during divorce hearings and final decisions. Both parents typically love the child or children very much and want what’s best for them. Working out visitation and child support can sometimes be contentious and it takes skilled lawyers to handle the matter. Hiring a family lawyer is the best thing you can do if you’re facing a child custody, visitation, or child support battle.