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4 Tips For Obtaining Your Liquor License

Getting a liquor license is one of the most important tasks that you can undertake as a business owner. But what if you’re new to the whole process? What if you need a little help understanding where to go and what to do? Here are just a few helpful suggestions for obtaining an alcohol permit.

1. Find your local licensing board.

Most states have something like an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) board that regulates liquor licenses. You’ll need to find this organization to get the ball rolling with your application. If you don’t see them listed in any directories, just plug “[state] liquor licenses” into a search engine and figure out where to go from there.

2. Apply as soon as you can.

It can take quite awhile to get your liquor license, especially if the department is backed up with similar requests. Some people have reported waiting as long as a year before they were rubber-stamped! While yours probably won’t take this long, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Apply a few months in advance to be sure that you’ll have your permit on opening day.

3. Figure Out Your Finances

Liquor licenses can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Your final price will depend on things like the nature of your establishment and how often that you expect to sell alcohol. For example, bars might have different licensing costs than hotels or casinos, and some states will charge you extra if you want to sell beer on a Sunday.

4. Gather Your Paperwork

You’ll need a lot of documentation to obtain a liquor license. Here are just a few things that you’ll be asked for when you apply:

  • Employer identification number
  • Building permit
  • Zoning permit
  • Sales tax permit
  • Business license

If you’re a restaurant owner, you might also need special things like a food handling permit from your local health commission. Again, it all depends on the specifics of your establishment and the state where you’re applying for a permit.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while applying for your liquor license. Before you throw open the doors of your French bistro or Japanese cafe, make sure that you’ve done your homework about alcohol permits. You can check out sites like Texas Alcohol Consulting to learn more. Good luck!