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Notary Bonding: Order Your Notary Supplies Package Now

If you are planning to become a notary public in Florida, there are certain supplies you will need. You might need more depending on how much work you plan to do as a notary, but we’re going to talk about the bare minimum you will need to be successful.

Notary Application

The first thing you will need if you are considering becoming a notary is a notary application. These aren’t too hard to come by. In fact, you should be able to find an application by entering “notary application Florida” into Google. Print out and complete this application, and submit it through a bonding agency once you’ve completed the necessary training classes.

A Notary Stamp or Seal

A notary seal will be what you use to authorize a document. This is usually in the form of a rubber stamp that can be purchased at practically any notary supply store.

A Notary Log Book

As a notary public, you should be keeping a record of every document you verify. While there is no way of knowing how busy you will be, you should be prepared to keep records of hundreds of documents. This will require you to purchase a log book or journal. Keep this book someplace easy to find, and make sure that all the records you keep are easy to read. You will never know when you will need to refer to this journal.

A Surety Bond

The state of Florida requires all notary publics to purchase a $7,500 surety bond to protect the public from mistakes or misconduct on the part of a notary. Notary Application Florida is able to provide you with this bond.

Notary Insurance

Notary insurance is optional in most cases, but it is highly beneficial. Even though a surety bond will protect you and the public should you make a mistake most of the time, there will be things that it will not cover. Having an insurance policy to cover smaller mistakes will add an extra layer of protection as you start out as a notary.